Computer Repair and Maintenance
Computers are a lot like cars. When they are new they run fast and smooth, but like cars they need maintenance routinely and repairs eventually. Elecrtonic components like motherboards, display adapters, and power supplies are sensitive to fluctuations in voltage, static discharge and heat. Hard drives are subject to those elements too, but being mechanical as well as electronic they are vulnerable to wear and tear. Our A+ technicians will diagnose and repair or replace failed components and make sure the case is cleaned thouroughly to allow proper cooling.
Operating System and Application Software Maintenance
Operating system and application software also need maintenance. Over time operating systems become vulnerable to exploits and need updates and service packs installed to keep up with bug fixes and external threats. Microsoft routinely releases these updates as well as maliscious software removal tools. Office applications also need these updates to assure continued trouble free operation. The registry often needs cleaning up to remove remnants of uninstalled software and removal of corrupt or damaged keys. An Internet Security Suite is also key to keeping your operating system running at peak performance. It should be updated daily and the latest version of the application should be installed. Our A+ tecnicians are expert at performing these tasks and will answer your questions to help you stay on top of these vital maintenance tasks.
Network Setup and Support
Almost every business today uses a network and many home computer users network their computers, printers, scanners, smart phones and entertainment devices. Internet access is vital in todays world. CEO's to elementary school students depend on internet and local resources being available when they need them. Our Network+ and Server+ technicians will set up, configure and test your network. Wired, WiFi or both if needed can be installed. We will configure your router to work securely with your internet providers equipment and can configure your router to allow special services such as remote access without 3rd party software. Let us help you achieve your network goals.
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